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Eagle Claw TK105 Trokar Big Nasty Pro-V Worm Hook

Hook Size: 2/0

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Get more hook ups and land more fish with Eagle Claw Big Nasty Worm Hooks!

Trokar Worm Hooks are designed with a unique triangular point to penetrate faster and easier. The three edges of the Trokar Hooks are high speed ground to surgical sharpness. The Trokar Worm Hooks are made with high carbon, cold forged steel and heat treated for just the right amount of impact strength and flexibility. Low profile barb for easier penetration yet ultimate holding power. Trokar Worm Hooks are twice as sharp as any other hook on the market.


  • 2/0 5 ct.
  • 4/0 4 ct.
  • 5/0 4 ct.