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Eagle Claw TK133 Trokar Big Nasty Flippin' Hook 2/0

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Get more hook ups and land more fish with the world's only surgically sharpened hooks!

Don't just get bit, hook up and land more fish. Eagle Claw Trokar Big Nasty Flippin' Hooks are the secret weapon of many top anglers. Eagle Claw uses a special forging process that turns the cold-forged steel into a surgically sharp hook point and allows for the optimal amount of flex. The surgically sharpened point pierces fish lips with minimal force. Using a forged, heavy 3X wire with a straight shank, these barbed  hooks are made to haul Grunts out of heavy cover. These hooks also feature a welded eye and a platinum chrome finish. 

Eagle Claw Trokar Advantages:

  • 3-sided hook point
  • Surgically sharpened
  • Ultra-clean, cold-forged, high-carbon steel
  • Aggressive bend design and smaller gap to accommodate a wider variety of plastics in its baitkeeper.
  • Low-profile barb
  • 3X wire diameter
  • Tailored tempering process