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Gamakatsu SuperLine Offset EWG Hooks Red

Gamakatsu, high quality hooks that won't let you down

Hook Size: Size 1

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

These hooks are favorites among serious anglers. They are high carbon heavy-wire hooks designed to fish braided line in heavy cover. Built for serious flipping in the tules, overhead mats or pads. Gamakatsu’s SuperLine Offset Shank EWG is perfect when you require a quicker decent rate without increasing size or adding weight. Want to turn up the heat with a Senko? Want to land that elusive trophy bass? Fish with a Red SuperLine Offset EWG Hook for that deadly quick fall and deadly quick hook up.
  • Red color entices fish even when they aren't actively feeding.
  • Forged for extra strength. Will not bend during battle and stays sharp catch after catch. 
  • Designed for versatility. This hook is ideal for nearly any soft bait. 
  • Designed to fish braid in heavy cover.