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Lew's Crappie Thunder Spinning Combo

Hook, Line, and Sinker: Your Ultimate Ally in the Crappie Conquest!

Length: 5'6"

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Lew's Crappie Thunder Spinning Combo - Your New Favorite Crappie Rod

Attention crappie anglers! Are you on the hunt for a top-notch combo for your crappie fishing adventures? You're in the right place! The Lew's Crappie Thunder Spinning Combo isn't just another combo, it's your ultimate companion for catching limits of slab crappie. Not only is it one of the best crappie rod and reel combos around, but it's also ready to use as soon as you pull it out of the box. How cool is that?

Why You'll Love It:

🎣 Superior Graphite Construction: This thing is built tough with a two-piece premium graphite blank. You bet it's up for any fishing challenge!

🎣 Top-Notch Comfort: With an easy-grip EVA handle, your hands will thank you after those marathon fishing sessions.

🎣 High-Performance Reel: This reel is not messing around. It's got all the fancy features for jigging over brush, standing timber, or trolling for those hard-to-catch suspended fish.

🎣 Pre-Spooled: It's got a 6lb monofilament line by Mr. Crappie, all ready to go. Just unbox and start fishing!

🎣 Rock-Solid Reliability: Feel secure with a one-year warranty backing you up. That's the Crappie Thunder promise.

The Lew's Crappie Thunder Spinning Combo isn't just a crappie rod. It's your passport to the most exciting crappie fishing experience ever. Try it and we're sure you'll be hooked (pun intended)!

Model Sections Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating Guides Gear Ratio Mono Capacity Retrieve Reel Size
CTS7556-2 2 5'6" Light Fast 2lb-8lb 1/16oz-1/4oz 4+Tip 5.0:1 160yds / 4lb Reversible 75
CTS7566-2 2 6'6" Light Fast 2lb-8lb 1/16oz-1/4oz 5+Tip 5.0:1 160yds / 4lb Reversible 75