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P-Line 1 oz. Laser Minnow

Color: Silver Blue

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Quality baits for the serious angler and the casual weekend angler...

Since the 1980's P-Line has been a trusted manufacturer of high quality fishing line and baits. The P-Line Laser Minnow was designed to meet the demands of serious tournament anglers as well as weekend enthusiasts. Manufactured with a unique holographic laser tape, creating an amazingly life-like finish these baits drive fish wild. The oblong shape and sharp cuts on the side allow for an erratic action when jigged. This action will trigger strikes from a number of species. These smaller sized Laser Minnows are most effective in fresh water for Bass, Trout, and Kokanee. Put a few P-Line Laser Minnows in your tackle box today and start catching more fish. 

P-Line Laser Minnow Features:

  • High Quality Life-Like Finish
  • Holographic Laser Tape
  • Erratic Jigging Action
This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.