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P-Line XTCB-8 Braided Fishing Line

Break Strength: 10lb
Spool Length: 150 Yards
Color: Green

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XTCB-8 has all of the same great features as XTCB and more. By using 8 strands of fiber during the braiding process, P-Line has made a braid which is extremely tight and compact. The benefit to the angler is an ultra smooth finish and the ability to retain its round shape while having a smaller diameter. Add the benefits of DuPont’s Teflon® Surface Protector, awesome abrasion resistance, great knot strength and reduced friction, and you have the best braided “Superline” available to the angling community.

P-Line Features:

  • Teflon coated
  • Incredible casting distance
  • Extremely quiet through the guides and cover
  • Near zero stretch
  • Ultra smooth finish

This product ships from the USA. Delivery times can take between 7 to 14 days.