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Panther Martin Holographic Superior Frog Green

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This could be the best bait for Bass that are hunkered down in heavy cover...

Topwater frogs are ideal for targeting bass in heavy cover. Without a doubt adding frogs to your tackle box will open up more areas to fish. Bass tend to blow frogs up when they strike making these baits among the most exciting to fish with. The Panther Martin Superior Frog casts long, always lands on its belly and kicks like a real frog. They are designed to float upright with eyes just above the waterline. 

  • Cast Accurately 70 to 90 feet
  • Always Floats with It Body Just above the Water
  • Super Realistic Holographic Colors and Body Shape Irresistible to Bass & Pike
  • Can Be Twitched, Skittered and "Walked" on the Surface of the Water
  • Conventional Hook Position Down Insures Fish Stay Caught Once They Strike

These Panther Martin Frogs take between 5 and 10 days to arrive.