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Pescador Premium Bucktail Jig

Bring Home the Biggest Deep Water Predators with Premium Bucktails

Color: White
Weight: 7g

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The Savvy Angler's Secret Weapon for Catching Huge Lingcod and Rockfish

Experienced anglers understand the thrill of catching fierce, deep water predators like lingcod and big vermillion rockfish. Success starts with the right lure. The Pescador Premium Bucktail Jig is known for its ability to mimic the captivating movement of baitfish, this bucktail jig maneuvers smoothly through the water, leaving rockfish and lingcod powerless to resist.

Stand Out Features of the Pescador Premium Bucktail Jig

🌟 Precision Molded Head: Crafted to provide a realistic silhouette and irresistible action in water, our bucktail jig is engineered to entice.

🌟 Textured Scale Finish: The meticulous design mimics genuine baitfish to attract larger predatory species.

🌟 3D Bulging Eyes: Augments lifelike appearance, convincing even the most cautious game fish to take the bait.

🌟 Precision Eyelet Placement: Ensures optimal balance and action during retrieval.

🌟 High-Quality Epoxy Finish: Coated with premium, corrosion-resistant epoxy for longevity.

🌟 Wide Range of Colors: Choose from six vibrant colors to cater to various water conditions and fish preferences.

🌟Razor-Sharp, High Carbon Steel Barbed Hook: Designed for secure hookups, ensuring you won't lose your catch.

These Bucktails are Ideal for a Variety of Techniques

🌟 Bottom Fishing: Excellently suited for targeting bottom-dwelling species such as rockfish, lingcod, and halibut.

🌟 Cast & Retrieve: Highly effective when cast at schooling fish and quickly retrieved, ideal for trolling for striper, and other species.

🌟 Soft Plastic Trailer Addition: Augment the lure's action and appeal by adding a soft plastic trailer.