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PFS Premium 12" Kayak Pedal Drive Propeller

Be Prepared To Pedal On: The Kayak Angler's Choice for Peace of Mind!

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PFS Premium 12" Kayak Pedal Drive Propeller

For the passionate kayak angler, the unexpected is part of the adventure. Whether it's the fight with the catch of the day or facing unpredictable waters, the wise kayaker always comes prepared. Being faced with a broken propeller far away from shore reinforces the need to always carry a reliable backup. Because, remember, we chose pedal kayaks to pedal, not to paddle.

Stand Out Features of the PFS Premium 12" Kayak Pedal Drive Propeller:

  • ⭐ Made from high-strength nylon ensuring durability even in rough conditions
  • ⭐ Perfectly pitched design for maximum force & efficiency
  • ⭐ Measures a solid 12 inches (31cm) providing adequate water displacement
  • ⭐ Comes bundled with a shear pin, mounting screw, and lock washer
  • ⭐ Perfect fit for Brooklyn Kayak PK Angler Series pedal kayaks
  • ⭐ Potential compatibility with other pedal drives from Hoodoo, Native, and more

Ensure smooth a smooth day of kayak fishing by keeping the PFS Premium 12" Pedal Drive Propeller as your trusty backup. It’s more than just a "kayak part"; it’s peace of mind for every journey.

Stay prepared, fellow kayak angler.