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Plano EDGE Flex 3700

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High quality, rugged, waterproof tackle storage solution

Quickly access your tackle with one easy latch...

This is a game changer. It isn't a cheap piece of gear. It is a high-quality, rugged & waterproof tackle box made to protect the tackle you spend so much of your hard earned money on. These tackle boxes are perfectly sized to meet the needs of kayak anglers. It's the world's most advanced tackle system – multiplied. Introducing the new Plano EDGE Flex 3700 tackle box. 38 Quick-Set dividers easily snap in and out to created custom configurations that are limited only by your imagination. The Plano EDGE Flex has storage options for every angler, and every outing, to give all your lures a little extra wiggle worm. Simply mix, match, repeat.

  • Dri-Loc®
  • EZ Label™
  • WaterWick™
  • Rustrictor™
  • FLEX divider system includes: (5) 4X dividers
Model Number PLASE377
Dimensions 14" X 9" X 2.63"
Dividers CUSTOM
Exterior Seal Waterproof
Tackle Type Plastic Worm | Spinnerbait | Crainkbait | Buzzbait | Spoon | Fly

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