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Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait Box

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The Kayak Angler's Ultimate Fishing Companion

Let's talk about why the Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait Box is the ideal crankbait organizer for your next kayak fishing trip. Optimally designed for small crankbait tackle, it offers both innovation and protection. It's sleek, space saving design makes it a perfect tackle box for kayak anglers. More than just another tackle box, it's a reliable storage solution to keep your lures safe, organized, and rust-free.

Stand Out Features of the Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait Box:

  • Customized Crankbait Storage: Innovative design tailored specifically for small crankbait tackle. Silicone "fingers" ensure your lures, hooks, and finishes remain protected and intact.
  • Dependable Waterproofing: Equipped with a Dri-Loc O-ring watertight seal, ensuring your tackle stays dry, combined with a Rustrictor base for 360° rust-prevention. Peace of mind? Absolutely!
  • Convenience at Its Best: A clear DuraView polycarbonate lid lets you quickly identify your tackle. Plus, an oversized latch ensures easy one-hand access. Super handy on those busy fishing days!
  • Perfect Fit: Designed to fit 3700 series tackle bags and is easily stackable. Its ribbed lid, base, and steel-pin hinges not only add to its durability but also make gripping a breeze.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14"L x 7.28"W x 6.25"H.
  • Color: Grey & Yellow
  • Part#: PLASE501