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RAM Tough-Tube Rod Holder with 2" Ratchet Spline Post Arm

Secure Your Gear: The Kayak Angler's Trusted Choice!

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Premium Gear for Kayak Anglers

Looking for premium gear for your kayak fishing adventures? The RAM Tough-Tube Rod Holder is your top pick. Optimized for use on kayaks, this fishing rod holder sets the gold standard in kayak fishing rod holders. The ratcheting feature allows for the tube to tilt forward and back 180 degrees for optimum viewing angles. Easily integrate the RAM Tough-Tube Rod Holder with 2" Ratchet Spline Post Arm to your existing spline post base, or choose from an assortment of RAM compatible bases. 

    Stand Out Features of the RAM Mount Tough-Tube Rod Holder:

    • Quick Release & Installation: Get fishing in no time.
    • Premium Materials: High Strength Composite guarantees longevity.
    • Versatility: Compatible with spinning reels and baitcasters.
    • Ratchet System: Multiple articulation points for optimal angles.
    • Lanyard Tie Points: Extra security for your fishing rod.
    • Designed for Rough Waters: Stays steady in heavy chop environments.
    • Strategic Mounting: Place anywhere on heavily rigged kayaks without interference.
    • Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our quality.
    • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


    • Inner Diameter: 1.9"
    • Inner Tube Length: 10" (from bottom to top of lip)
    • Post Spline Length: 2"
    • Part#: RAP-394-SSTU

    For those on the lookout for premium kayak fishing accessories and the best fishing rod holders for kayaks, the RAM Mount Tough-Tube Rod Holder is a no-brainer. Your next day on the water just became a lot more thrilling.