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RAM Tough-Tube Rod Holder with Bulkhead/Flat Surface Base

Secure Your Gear: The Kayak Angler's Trusted Choice!

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Premium Gear for Kayak Anglers

Looking for premium gear for your kayak fishing adventures? The RAM Tough-Tube Rod Holder is your top pick. Optimized for use on kayaks, this fishing rod holder sets the gold standard in kayak fishing rod holders. The combination bulkhead/flat surface mounting base can be installed on a flat surface such as the deck or on a vertical surface. This mounting base features a locking feature which requires the release of a plunger to remove the rod holder.

    Stand Out Features of the RAM Mount Tough-Tube Rod Holder:

    • Quick Release & Installation: Get fishing in no time.
    • Premium Materials: High Strength Composite guarantees longevity.
    • Versatility: Compatible with spinning reels and baitcasters.
    • Ratchet System: Multiple articulation points for optimal angles.
    • Lanyard Tie Points: Extra security for your fishing rod.
    • Designed for Rough Waters: Stays steady in heavy chop environments.
    • Strategic Mounting: Place anywhere on heavily rigged kayaks without interference.
    • Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our quality.
    • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


    • Inner Diameter: 1.9"
    • Inner Tube Length: 10" (from bottom to top of lip)
    • Post Spline Length: 2"
    • Part#: RAP-394-SSBMPU

    For those on the lookout for premium kayak fishing accessories and the best fishing rod holders for kayaks, the RAM Mount Tough-Tube Rod Holder is a no-brainer. Your next day on the water just became a lot more thrilling.