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Savage Gear RTSS-280-DT 3D Real Trout 8" Slow Sinking Swimbait Dark Trout

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Life-like action that is so real fish resist them!

An ultra-realistic appearance characterizes the 3D Real Trout swimbait from Savage Gear. The lure maker utilizes revolutionary 3D scanning to achieve the appearance of a real hatchery trout. The soft plastic Real Trout features an internal jighead with an ultra-sharp, super-strong hook. A kicking paddle tail that offers a true, lifelike appearance produces a side-to-side swimming action.

Savage Gear Advantages:

  • Exaggerated fin details for secondary lure action

  • Ultra-large size draws fish from great distances

  • Ultra-strong jig hook and secondary eyelets for rigging stinger hooks

  • Perfect for bass, stripers, musky and monster pike

  • Slow sink

This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.