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Savage Gear Line Thru Pre-Rigged 12" Swimbait - Hitch

Hook More Trophies with Savage Gear Swimbait!

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The Ultimate Weapon for Bass, Musky, and Northern Pike Fishing

Seasoned anglers know the thrill of the catch, and Savage Gear lures never disappoint. The Line Thru Pre-Rigged 12" Swimbait is another testament to their legendary innovation. Designed to deceive even the wariest Bass, Musky, and Northern Pike, this lure brings realism to a whole new level.

Key Features That Set This Lure Apart

🌟 Pre-Rigged on Heavy-Duty Wire: This masterpiece comes pre-rigged with stinger and treble hooks mounted on a heavy-duty wire leader, ensuring durability and reliability during those heart-pounding battles with trophy catches.

🌟 Innovative Nylon Mesh Design: Built with an integrated nylon mesh across the joint sections, the Yellow Perch Swimbait eliminates the concern of tearing, enhancing the lure's longevity.

🌟 Strategically Dislodging Hooks: Once a fish strikes, the hooks dislodge and the bait slides up the leader. This feature minimizes damage to the lure, increases the chances of a successful catch, and preserves the life of your lure.

🌟 Life-Like Swimming Action: With an astonishingly realistic swimming action, it's nearly impossible for predator fish to resist a full committed attack.

🌟 Moderate Sink: Its moderate sink rate is perfect for enticing those monster bass lurking in the midwater column or even those Northern Pike and Musky hiding in the depths.

Savage Gear Lures: Unleashing Angling Potential

With the Savage Gear Line Thru Pre-Rigged 12" Swimbait, you get more than a lure; you get a weapon crafted to elevate your angling experience. It's not just about fishing; it's about the thrill of the chase, the strategy in the pursuit, and the satisfaction of landing that trophy fish. It's time to redefine your fishing game.