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SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60

Catch Bass Like a Pro with SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60 Frog Lure!

Color: Diamond Back

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Master the Art of Bass Fishing with the Ultimate Frog Lure

Bass anglers know the exhilaration of casting their line in anticipation of the perfect catch. A huge part of their success lies in the quality of their bait. Today, we introduce you to the SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60 - the top-rated, tournament winning, must-have frog lure in your tackle box.

Notably, the SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60 is the favorite frog lure of many successful tournament anglers, including B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. Renowned for his skill and knowledge, Rojas himself designed this lure and used it to secure a win at the prestigious BASS Elite Series tournament at Lake Oneida. Yes, this is the very same lure that led him to victory!

The SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60: Designed for Ultimate Performance

The SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60, affectionately known as the Bronzeye Frog, is a lure like no other. It is meticulously designed to draw bass out of even the thickest cover with its loud popping sound. Additionally, it comes fitted with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu Double hook that seamlessly fits the bait for solid, reliable hook-ups. Simply put, this lure maximizes your chances of reeling in those elusive, heavy-hitting bass.

Stand Out Features of the SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60

🐸Weight: A 1/2 oz. weight is perfect for both distance casting and optimal water disturbance to attract bass.

🐸Size: At 60mm, it’s the perfect size to mimic a tasty frog meal for the lurking bass.

🐸Hook: Equipped with a Gamakatsu 3/0 EWG Double Hook for secure and solid hook-ups every time.

🐸Popping Action: Unique popping sound to attract bass from their hiding spots in the thickest cover.

    Elevate Your Bass Fishing Game with the Best Frog Lures

    Whether you're a professional tournament angler or a recreational fishing enthusiast, the SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60 Frog is a game-changer. Its standout performance in the field and the glowing testimonials from seasoned anglers confirm its status as one of the best frog lures for bass fishing.

    Join the ranks of successful tournament anglers today and experience the unparalleled performance of the SPRO Bronzeye Pop 60 - the ultimate frog bait for bass.