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Strike King Baby Rage Bug

Master Finesse Fishing: Unleash the Strike King Baby Rage Bug!

Color: Black / Blue

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Strike King Baby Rage Bug: Unleash a Frenzy Underwater

The Rage Baby Bug boasts a compact, streamlined body designed to navigate even the tiniest holes in cover, while its unique composition and ribbing recreate the irresistible glide of a crawfish. But that's not all - it's fitted with petite appendages that, thanks to the exclusive Rage Tail technology, create an unrivaled commotion in the water. So when your regular cricket lure starts losing its appeal, switch to a smaller cricket - the Rage Baby Bug - and watch the magic unfold!

Strike King Baby Rage Bug’s Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Perfectly-sized for a finesse presentation, making it a bass magnet.
  • Ribbed Body: Mimics the natural glide of a crawfish to lure in your catch.
  • Rage Tail Technology: Small appendages that cause an unmatched commotion in the water, driving bass wild.
  • Ultimate Versatility: Ideal for finesse flipping, finesse jigs, finesse Texas rigs, and finesse Carolina rigs.

Strike King Baby Rage Bug Specifications

Length Quantity
3" 9 Per Pack

Take your finesse fishing strategy up a notch with the Strike King Baby Rage Bug. Uncover a world of finesse fishing success and make the most of your time out on the water!