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Strike King Burner 1/2 oz.

Color: Super Chartreuse
Weight: 1/2 oz.

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These spinnerbaits run fast & true, big bass can't resist 'em.

If you're gonna catch the best fish you're gonna need the best fishing tackle...

The Strike King Burner spinnerbait has been designed to swim just under the surface of the water, all the while creating the flash and attraction to catch the big ones. This compact, minnow-shaped head design allows for maximum speed and flash while reducing the drag. The Burner features the all new Raz-R-Blade High RPM Blade. The Raz-R-Blade is a thin cut willow leaf blade that was designed to increase the revolutions of the blade, which increases the flash and keeps the bait from lifting like other willow leaf blades do. The Raz-R-Blade is the ultimate blade for ultra clear, high speed applications. The Burner comes complete with the new perfect skirt, a sharp Gamakatsu hook that hooks em' and hooks em' hard and premium components. Tie one on today and set the water on fire!

  • Raz-R-Blade High RPM blades
  • New Perfect Skirt
  • Gamakatsu hook
  • Premium components

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 10 days.