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Top Brass Glass Beads

Color: Green
Bead Size: 8mm

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Protect your knots from being beaten up by your sinker.

Make a Carolina Rig that fish can't resist...

These beads serve two purposes on the Carolina Rig. First, they serve as a protective buffer between the weight and the knot on the swivel. This prevents the knot from becoming damaged from the weight smashing up against it. Top Brass Glass Beads are the preferred glass bead because they are handcrafted, jewelry-grade glass beads that are fire polished to reduce line abrasion and faceted to reflect light. Second, they create a nice clacking noise when they come in contact with the weight. This noise is useful for getting the attention of nearby bass. Pair with a brass bullet for the maximum clacking noise. 

 Size Quantity
6mm - 8mm Package of 20
10mm Package of 10