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Zoom Centipede

Color: Watermelon Seed

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Bass can't resist the Zoom Centipede.

It darts side to side, falls, it glides back up, it slices through the weeds...

The Zoom Centipede is the ultimate Carolina-rigging dynamite, the finesse option that everyone else has unsuccessfully tried to copy. It looks like it shouldn’t have much action, but it darts and glides with a simple twitch of the rod. In addition to fishing it on the Carolina rig, you can dropshot it or put it on the back of a shakey head. In fact, with its flat bottom, on a jighead it’ll skip a mile under docks and overhanging brush.

  • Size = 4 inches
  • Finesse worm
  • Symmetrical “French Fry” glides and darts with the slightest provocation
  • Salt-impregnated
  • The ultimate Carolina rig tool continues to produce big limits year after year, and its uses are only limited by your imagination
  • Package of 20

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